Community Speed Watch

In association with Cheshire Police, Burton runs a Community Speed Watch Scheme. 
Community Speed Watch is a scheme which enables volunteers to work within their community to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding and to help control the problem locally.

community_speed_watch_2CSW volunteers record the highest speeds within the 30mph zone in Neston Road and Mudhouse Lane; these are achieved by vehicles both entering and leaving the village.  Unacceptable, and potentially dangerous, speeds are also seen in the centre of the village where the road both bends and narrows, and where there are no pavements for pedestrians to use.

The Association has been successful in highlighting the problem of speeding and the associated growing problem of higher traffic volumes, to regular road users, Cheshire Police and the Council's Highways Department.  In recent years Neston police officers have routinely set up enforcement speed recording equipment in the village.  As a result, many drivers travelling at excessive speeds within the 30mph zone have received £60 fixed penalty fines
and three points on their licences.

If you would like to become a CSW volunteer please contact committee members
Don Howell or Steve Lord, or PCSO Linda Conway

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