Traffic Issues

This page will update members on Traffic Issues in the Village such as Speeding and Volumes.

Below is the meeting minutes taken by CWaC Officers at the Burton Community Forum meeting held on 14th November 2012 at the Gladstone Village Hall.

Burton Community Forum held on the 14th November 2012 
                          Burton Traffic Issues

The table below highlights the key discussion points and themes raised at the meeting.


1. How is data collected?

From a black box which reacts on infra red beams, collects 24 hours of data over a period of 7 days. Copies of data which shows classification of vehicles and average speeds to be forwarded on request.

2. Trafic calming and speed limits in Burton?

The Council follows national guidance and best practice in implementing
trafic calming measures and setting of speed limits. New guidance on
reducing speed limits however is due to be published from Government
shortly. Traffic calming measures are prioritised to areas where KSI (killed
or seriously injured) figures are highest and where excessive speeding

has been identified. A number of measures have been put in place in
Burton to address trafic concerns. These measures are considered
proportional to the trafic problems. The new 40mph speed limit and
extension of the 30mph limit have been introduced on Neston Road.

3. A lot of HGV trafic in Burton?

Unfortunately Satellite navigation systems often direct drivers through short cuts/ alternative routes such as villages.

4. How much would it cost 
to change speed limits to 20mph?

To publish the change of speed order will cost around £2000. The costs of signage, engineering works etc will vary depending on the scheme but could amount to tens of £1000's. The Council has guidance and the decision is based on an economic assessment tool. Police guidelines on 20mph speed limit suggest this should not be set in isolation but seen as part of a package of wider interventions. Evidence of collisions and fatalities also need to be taken into account before reducing speed limits to 20mph are considered.  ACPO guidance does NOT support 20mph speed limits without physical measures where average speeds are over 24mph therefore at this time
20mph speed limit in Burton would not be supported by the Police.

5.  What is the cost of Speed bumps?

One individual speed cushion costs approximately £500 and where installed cushions are provided in pairs. A full width table costs

approximately £3000. Measures are not provided in isolation.

6.  Overgrown pathways and
pedestrian safety.

Warning signs "Pedestrians in Carriageway "can be provided.

In response to requests from residents for improved pedestrian safety,
measures taken so far include the renewal and resurfacing of the stretch
of footway between the two access points to Burton Manor which will be carried out in early December, the visibility problems at the Puddington lane junction with proposals to improve sightlines and the reduction to
the speed limit on Neston Road which is currently underway.  

7. What are the laws
relating to parking on road to slow traffic  down?

This is permitted as long as the parked car is not causing an obstruction
or a danger to other road users.

8.  Can the sign be changed at
the Rake from T junction to crossroads?

Yes the sign can be changed. It was highlighted that residents are
responsible for hedges obstructing signs growing from private property.

9. How long before the
village can have a camera?

National guidance highlights that evidence of excessive speeding and
serious collisions need to be demonstrated if this measure is to be

10.  How many people have
been prosecuted for speeding?

Community Speed watch does not enforce but educates. A high % of
people speeding have been identified as living in Burton and surrounding

11. Any plans for reducing
speed at Denhall and Station Road?

No, stays at as national speed limit.

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